I love using different types of content to tell a story. As you may have noticed by now- I’m really into writing, but I also love other forms of digital content too. I’m great with…



 Editorials and interviews

 Blog posts

 Ghost writing

 Sponsored content


 Basic video

I’m all about creating copy that converts. I’m super savvy in taking boring, corporate jargon and turning it into interesting prose.

I can create brand new web copy or re-word what you already have.


What’s the point in having a wizz-bang awesome site if your content is useless? Conversely, what’s the point in having superstar content if your website is poop? These two elements go hand-in-hand and I can help with both.

 Site Mapping



 On page SEO


Do you need help managing your social media presence? I can manage your social channels and help you come up with a strategy to build your community and leverage your following.