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Personal and Reflective

The Huffington Post- Why your lowest point can be your greatest opportunity 

The Huffington Post- Why I Quit my $120k Job to Travel the World

Finance/Professional Tone

AAMI Business Insurance- Top 6 Hospitality Claims

AAMI Business Insurance- How to set up a market stall


Precise Building Inspections- 8 things to look for when hiring an inspector

Westpac- Smart ways to redeem altitude points

Westpac- Smart ways to earn altitude points

Westpac- 10 things you can do to avoid credit card fraud

Westpac- 4 smart ways to use your credit card

Westpac- 4 ways to make extra money to pay off your debt faster

Westpac- Use your rewards card to help you on your dream holiday

Westpac- How to choose the right credit card



MindBodyGreen- How to survive your 9-5 when it’s not your dream job

The Wellness Wanderer- The health graduate’s guide to getting started

The Wellness Wanderer- Travel Guide: Meganisi Greece

The Wellness Wanderer- Travel: How to have a relaxing holiday

The Wellness Wanderer- Health: MSG true villain?

Copywriting/Web Copy



Pedal Car- Product Descriptions

St George Bank- Web design and Copy