Hi, I’m Tina Benias


I am a writer, storyteller and content strategist.

Playing around with words is my jive and I get major kicks connecting people to brands with stories, copywriting and unicorn-like content creation.

I've spent the last 9 years working for two of Australia's biggest insurers and banks, turning boring and dry financial information into compelling, convincing AND converting copy and design. I’ve also been writing about my travels and creating content strategies for a bunch of different businesses.

I also really love WordPress web design and I've made a bunch of sites for myself and for some other cool kids

I've got the travel bug

In September 2016 I quit the 9-5 corporate world in favour of travelling the world as a freelance writer and a content strategist, specialising in travel and dream chasing. I am now based in Italy. Do I speak Italian, you may ask? Nope, but I've got a 12-month working visa and what I feel will be a lot of inspiration for some serious storytelling.