Am I going to Greece?

Am I going to Greece this year?

It’s August and all I can think about is Greece

For the past few years, I have spent nearly every August in Greece bathing in the Ionian Sea and soaking up the European sun.  I talk about this all the time, but Greece is my reset button. When I’m there every single problem I’m battling with is thrown into light and resolved. I become reconnected with my body and immediately find my balance. Last year I was there for 5 weeks with my Dad and in that time I lost 7kgs. I didn’t go to the gym, or go crazy with exercise. I simply broke my obsession with food because I was consumed with other beautiful distractions. I came home tanned, skinny, confident, healthy and ready to make changes. Unfortunately, that elixir fades pretty quickly and one year on I’m biting my nails to get back on that plane and land on the island that means so damn much to me.

August on Meganisi is what my dreams are made of. My trips are never lavish or exuberant- actually, they are the exact opposite. They are simple, quiet and full of connectedness and ouzo. It’s like plugging into The Source.

Summer in Meganisi

I can close my eyes now and feel the warmth on my face as I skip down the hill towards Spilia beach. The sun releases the island’s aromas of bay leaf and cypress, while the cicadas sing in orchestrated beauty amongst the dry grass. Night time motorbike rides lick the sweat from my forehead and the wind tousles through my hair whispering “freedom”. Sticky nights, cooled with ouzo loosen the tongue and pave the way for deep conversations by the sea under the moonlight.

I play those scenes in my mind almost every day. I’ve carefully catalogued every part of that island so that I can recall any memory when I feel the need to connect to my source.

Can I survive on a memory for this year?

Like an addict, a memory only works for a short amount of time and now I’m craving the real thing. The real ocean on my skin, the kiss of the sun on my nose and the sheer pleasure I feel when I’m there. I’ve calculated that I can stretch out my memories to last me until the end of July but as soon as the date clicks over to August I’m itching to go.

If money were no object I’d be there in a heartbeat.

If I hadn’t recently started a new job and moved interstate I’d be searching for flights to Athens right now.

Did I make the right choice moving interstate? I’m not so sure.

Did I trade my true desires for money or is my heartfelt scream for Greece yet another example of instant gratification vs long term gain?

Maybe the long term gain lies in committing to an overseas life and ditching this reality that drains my exhausted annual elixir.


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