My Birthday Weekend

Days: 6, 7, 8: My Birthday!

Apologies for my tardiness, but I took a laptop break over the weekend to celebrate my 29th birthday and what a weekend it was!

I have never really looked forward birthdays, at least not for many years. They come, they go and they are often kinda uneventful. I often try to be somewhere else for my birthday, or at least about to go somewhere else, because, to me, that’s present enough in itself. I’ve had birthdays in Santorini, Meganisi, Positano, Adelaide and of course- Melbourne, but not a single one of those birthdays even comes close to the birthday I had this  year.

This year, for the weeks leading up to my birthday  Peppe was busy planning a surprise. I’ve never had anyone plan a surprise for my birthday before so it was pretty exciting! For the last few days, he had been dropping hints on what we were doing. He even tried to convince me that we were heading to the airport. Cheeky boy!

Well, he outdid himself. My birthday weekend was full of food, champagne, boats, roses, polaroid pictures and a whole lot of love. The idea that someone went to so much effort to do something that special for me blows my mind. I’ve never had a selfless love like this before and the more I get, the deeper I want to go.

This weekend was a beautiful distraction from everything else that has been going on and the time spent in our little bubble only made my decision that much clearer.

I like to think that the year doesn’t officially start until my birthday, kind of like the financial year. I’ve just started my 2016 and while the year may officially be half over, I feel like my 2016 is just beginning. Winter is starting to loosen it’s grip, at least here in Sydney it is, and I feel like my graduation into the senior year of my 20’s brings with it clarity, wisdom and, hopefully – bravery.

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes, my heart is so full.


Tina Benias
20’s Senior
Bubble dweller
Cake connoisseur
Champagne indulger

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