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It’s a 12 hit Tim Tam Slam

Day 3: If I want to eat 12 Tim Tams, I’ll eat 12 Tim Tams

Yes. On Friday I allowed myself to indulge in 12 Tim Tams. Actually, allowed is probably the wrong word to use, it was more like I subconsciously devoured 12 Tim Tams by doing ‘Tim Tam-slams” into my coffee while sitting in bed watching the movie Serendipity. Do I feel guilty? Well, yes, only because it pushes me further away from my #getabs goal and is more evidence to prove I have zero discipline. But did I enjoy slurping my hot coffee up through those delicious chocolatey biscuits? Uh yes!

The days following my Tim Tam binge were not spent guilt free at all. I felt like my little slip up (ok huge binge) was written all over my face and I had to confess.

“Last night I ate 12 Tim Tams” I whispered to Peppe as I hid my head under the pillow in shame.

“You did what?!” he replied in shock

“I know, I’m a fatty” I mumbled from under the pillow

“Did you share them with David?” he enquired (our housemate)

“Nope, all to myself!”

I think he was part impressed, part mortified.

Ohhhh the shame! I’m confessing to the one person in the world I want to find me ridiculously attractive that I am a secret, binge eating, Tim Tam hoarding, cupboard fatty. Argh!

I spent the weekend confessing my slip-up to anyone who would listen. It’s as if I was trying to repent for my sins. Saturday morning I ran (a bit of the way) to the gym, cycled and did an intense leg session, all with visions of Tim Tams hanging off my body turning into fat.

I don’t want to be ashamed to eat Tim Tams. I don’t want to be ashamed to eat any junk food. I’m smart enough to know what my body can and can’t handle and if im eating that food it’s probably because

A) it fits in my macros/calories for the day


B) I’m a woman and I’ve got some crazy hormonal shit going on so you should probably stay away form me anyway.

Ok, if I’m surrounded with packets of terrible food and am morbidly obese then I should probably be ashamed. But I don’t want to feel guilty for having a treat here and there.

Last week I saw a lady, about 4o years old, walking through the train station licking an ice cream and I damn-near high-fived her. How cool she looked, indulging in her vanilla swirl cone. She was alone and was happy. She didn’t even have possie power, she was just cruising through Wynyard station, eating an ice cream. Kudos lady. Kudos…

So what of the Tim Tams?

Well, I say enough is enough! If you want a chocolate bar, you have a chocolate bar.

If you want to slurp down a milkshake on your way to work then do it

And if you want to eat 12 Tim Tams to yourself, then power to you!

BUT the catch is you can’t feel guilty about it or beat yourself into confessing your sins.

Good luck with that catch!


Tina Benias

Tim Tam hoarder
Junk food liberator
Ice cream eater high-fiver
Leader of the Tim Tam Slam Association









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